Ofisworld Services
and the VALUE of diligent Quality Control
ll save you  time, energy, money, headaches and ulcers!
The memory of lasting quality lasts much longer than the recollection of cheap price
Ofisworld...We can make your business more profitable!
Do you have a product that you would like manufactured at lower cost in Asia?
Do you speak the language?
Can you negotiate the best deal with someone who not only doesn't think like you, but who often can't understand you?

Ofisworld  is ready to supply you from our existing line of office products
But we can do more....much more!
"We can do your sourcing."

Our staff on the spot in China and Taiwan, plus our extensive contacts, can save you endless frustration. Let us do your leg-work. Just tell us what you need/want. Send us your samples or drawings and let our team of experts go to work for you.  Our manufacturing facilities are located in Taiwan and China, so we are there on a daily basis.  We also exhibit our products at International Trade Fairs in Europe, and Asia.  That means we can offer you the very best in service.

"I bo

This is an all too familiar complaint, and it can only be solved by effective quality control.
When the buyer is on the other side of the world, it is very easy for even well-meaning, honest manufacturers to stuff containers with substandard goods. It is absolutely essential to have your own representative monitor quality control.

Quality...Quality...Quality.....Quality Control.....Quality...Quality...Quality
This page was last updated: January 12, 2015